Our Story

Our story starts with people – life science customers who were frustrated with real-time and digital PCR offerings, cancer physicians looking for more accurate and rapid tests for targetable mutations, and environmental scientists trying to find genetic needles-in-haystacks.  It starts with transplant patients who need to know when anti-viral resistance emerges before an outbreak, with drug developers seeking to see biological effects below today’s current limits of detection, and with agricultural scientists who demand higher-throughput, higher accuracy workflows to improve crop yields and pest resistance.  Our story starts with our customers, who work on diverse applications but have one common need–to see the genomic world with higher precision and clarity.




Dropworks was formed in 2016 with the idea of transferring high impact serial-flow emulsion microfluidics technologies to high impact areas in healthcare, life sciences, and environmental monitoring. At heart, the driving factor in the company’s creation was a vision to bring innovations to market that make a real difference in human lives and a commitment to challenge what is possible. This starts with the core technology assumption – that stabilized droplets in flowing emulsions can replace plastic consumables and allow reuse of complex processing components, reducing cost and speeding development time – and extends to our current research-use only applications and digital PCR development, and forms the vision of our future in point-of-care diagnostics, novel droplet-based assay and chemistry platforms, and field-deployable rapid-response instruments.




While we are currently focused on research-use only applications in the life sciences, our vision for the future includes rapid personalized genotyping of cancer, point-of-care infectious disease diagnostics, field deployable assays for disaster and epidemic response, and extending our serial flow technology to novel chemistry and workflows.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.